FASHION Magazine: Prom Night Beauty (v2.0)!

(Beauty Panel: Challenge #115)

For my graduating year, I found myself in a big, princess-style, hot-pink dress (something I never thought I would want), with multi-coloured embroidery all over the corset top.  It was loud and gorgeous. I remember having so much fun practicing my makeup for the big night. Which really is the most important part, having fun with it! I will definitely admit though, I have a few things I would do differently if I could go back to that day!

I was big into self-tanning at that time in my life. Even though I was into the bronzing of my skin, I neglected to adjust my foundation shade…so there I am, in every picture from prom night, with a face a couple shades lighter than my body! With trial and error comes knowledge, and I learned quickly that you need a couple different shades for different seasons/occasions. For my grad night, I also remember feeling like my hair was a bit stiff (the hairdresser and I had different visions…). But it was easy to fiddle with afterwards to have it a little more me.

If I were to re-do my look for prom night, I would go with something classy, a nice smoky, cut-crease eye, with winged liner and lots of lashes. I would have my hair gently curled and pinned softly to one side. And I would definitely make sure my foundation matched my skin!

Graduation and Prom night is one of the first times you get to present yourself to the world as an adult. It’s such a transformative stage in your life. So have fun getting ready for grad night and in a way, ready for the all the new things to come in life!

Happy prom days! 

ps: Here's a glimpse of me at my real prom circa 2005! In all my platinum-hair, glitter-body and pale-face glory! Big smiles though! Always :)