There’s more to looking and feeling beautiful for your wedding than just the day of…


the months leading up

Have you thought about all of those precious months leading up to the wedding? That is prime time to start thinking about how you want to look on your big day. What kind of maintenance appointments do you need to book? When should they be made for? What treatments am I missing? Do I need anything specific for the hairstyle I would like? Should I get lash extensions or do the day of falsies? What is the difference?

and on it goes…

I get so many inquiries from clients that feel overwhelmed and overworked trying to find there way through all of this beauty prepping (Honestly, I feel the pain!!!).

So I went ahead and created a special roadmap for the bride-to-be that wants to look her absolute best for her most special day.

Imagine knowing exactly what treatments are out there, which ones are good for you, timelines for appointments, timelines for the day of, and a whole lot more. I’ve even included a guide for the groom so he can also look picture perfect (plus how fun for him to get a little pampering, too! #sharethelove).

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How is your wedding day going to look?

There are so many elements to a wedding day, and I like to think the morning is one of the most important of all! Mornings in general, set you up for the rest of the day. So wouldn’t it be amazing to set yourself up for the best wedding morning ever?I have witnessed first hand hundreds of weddings, from the time of wake up, to the time of the bride on her way out the door to meet her hunny. I see it ALL. Which means I know all of the key components that make (or break) a wedding morning. I’m dishing it all out, just for you, in my Bridal Beauty Prep Guide…

Basking in your wedding day

…and then the time comes. You are prepared, calm, without any of the extra stress. And you can enjoy the day feeling amazing.

But best of all…

you look and feel STUNNING.